The Old Burying Ground in Beaufort, NC

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The Old Burying Ground grew up around the building used for sessions of the Court and for reading the service of the Anglican Church in St. John's Parish.  The cemetery was deeded to the town of Beaufort in 1731 by Nathaniel Taylor, following the first survey.

The northwest corner is the oldest part, with the earliest graves marked with shell, brick, or wooden slabs.  Stone was too difficult to obtain.  Characteristic of this period are the vaulted graves bricked over to protect them from water and wild animals.   Currently the Grounds are undergoing extensive repair and restoration for more details click here.

The following Map of the Old Burying is large and will take a little time to load.  The Legend next to it gives some descriptions of the graves in the cemetary.

1 Capt. Josiah Pender.  Seized  Ft. Macon before NC seceded from the Union in1861.
3 Josiah Davis, MD. Practiced medicine in the Apothecary Shop now in the Historic Site
4 Vienna Dill. The child died of yellow fever and was buried in a glass top case.
5 Samuel Leffers. Schoolmaster who owned the Leffer's house on the Site.
6 Pierre Henry. An African American who taught emancipated slaves at the Washburn Academy.
7 Rev. Arendell. One of 6 of the Ann St. Methodist Ch. ministers buried here.
8 Josiah Bell. Lived on Turner Street in the yellow house that is now part of the Historic Grounds
9 Nathan Fouller.  Believed to be a direct descendant of the Mayflower pilgrims. Died 1800.
10 Capt. John Sabiston.  Died near Charleston and was brought home by his crew.
12 Jechonias Willis. Killed when Ft. Macon was taken by Federal troops in 1862.
14 Sgt. George Johnson. A member of the U.S. Colored Infantry who fought in the Civil War.
15 Sarah Gibbs and Jacob Shepard.  He was lost at sea and she remarried. He returned, they agreed that she stay with her 2nd husband but be buried with her 1st.
18 Col. William Tohmson.  The highest ranking officer from Beaufort who served in the Revolutionary War.
19 British Officer.  Died on ship in Beaufort harbor.  He was buried standing up "in rebel's ground".
20 "Crissie Wright" Common Grave. The sailors who froze to death in the shipwreck are buried here.
22 Capt. Otway Burns. One of NC's greatest heros of the War of 1812. A captured cannon is on his grave.
24 Girl in the Rum Barrel.  She died at sea returning from England, but her father had promised her mother he would bring her back home.  He did, inside a rum barrel.
27 Capt James Manney. Joined the secessionist militia takeover of Ft. Macon in 1861.  Eventually fought with Lee's army at Petersburg. Va.